Sunday, September 13, 2009

We've Moved!

We’ve moved! Finally! I have to say, it was a rough week. We probably all worked harder than we would have liked, but we are ready to face the web site orders tomorrow morning! Although we planned our move very carefully and thought we had all the details worked out, there was one unforeseen problem. We started having terrible problems with our electricity on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. All of a sudden the lights were dimming and then surge protectors were popping off and sending off alarms. Not good for computers, or for a relaxing weekend at home. Of course we contacted the power company, but since we were the only house with this problem, we were not considered an emergency, and of course, no one came to see us until Sunday. Tuesday morning, after this had been going on all weekend, we finally got an electrician to the house, and found that it was not a problem in the house, but outside with our power. Long story short, the power was not fully restored until Wednesday night and we were moving Thursday. We were packing up bolts of fabric by flashlight!! It was a sight not to be believed. We did have things ready for the movers at 7 a.m. Thursday morning, but we were all exhausted by moving day! Now the fabric is happily arranged on its shelving in a lovely spot in Westchester County. We are still a web only store, not open to the public. (our fabric is very shy) But we are hoping that we can provide even better service from our new location, and I can turn our house back into a home. The web site has now officially changed hands. The new owner, Ingrid Remkus, has known my oldest son since they were three. Now in their 30’s, they remain best of friends, though there are many miles between them. Ingrid was looking for a career change in January of this year and I invited her to come work at the shop while she decided what to do. As it turned out, the change was to take over Quilter’s Paradise. Ingrid feels just like family to me and that means so much when you have worked hard to build a business. You want to hand it to someone who will care for it and nurture it as you have. I know she is going to do a great job. I hope you will welcome Ingrid into your sewing rooms, and into your lives. She is a fantastic young woman with a great personality, wonderful family, lots of friends, and 2 fat cats. Please leave her a post on the blog, or email her through the web site. I know she would love to hear from you! Oh…and what about me? I’ll still be here. I’m going to do some of the blog updates, and hope to turn it into an informational blog, where you can pick up lots of tips and techniques for quilting and exchange ideas, as well as a place where you can see the day to day activities in the shop. I will also contribute to the email newsletters and will be sewing to make samples for patterns and kits that will be presented to you over the web. So I’m not far away. You could call me the technical consultant, creative advisor, or just “The Queen”. Ingrid is now “The Boss”.
Ingrid with Richie, our oldest son:


Rose, Washington State, USA said...

Ingrid, I'd read of your new beginnings story with a power outage the same week of packing and moving. I thought of you again last week, as ours went out without warning at midnight & all the next day. My son uses an auxillary power backup ubit for his computer, which gives extra time to work and shut down without crashing.

I went for the 18 volt flashlight, but soon called it a day. We had take out food the next day & I read a new quilt book, but missed being online.

I thought of my Mother and the Singer tredle machine that I learned to sew on years ago. They are excellent for straight sewing. Of course we were delighted getting power back on before dark, but my thoughts went back to the days on the farm without electicty. There was a windmill on the well and after dark, we used lamps and went to bed early. I was about ten when they wired our house with lights & the first thing my Mother bought was an electric stove!
Best Wishes & Happy Quilting!

Lisa said...

I have tried quilting by candle light and it is not easy! I wonder how our ancestors did it! We were having a lot of hurricanes and power outages when I first started quilting and I purchased a treadle machine just so I could sew in times of power failures, but the lighting is a problem. I see why families rose at sunrise and went to bed early. Sunlight was needed for the daily activities! Now I am a sew-to-all-hours kind of girl. I love the peace and quiet of the late night and just stitching away until I am ready to sleep. I would have made a terrible pioneer!
Happy stitching!