Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today's Specials:

Right now we are in the midst of a moving sale, getting ready for our fabrics to move to a new home. The fabric will be moving in a huge moving van from Water Mill, NY (out on eastern Long Island) where it has been for the last 10 years. It will then travel through New York City to its new home in Westchester County. The new spot has more room and we think the fabrics will be very happy there! (You know how fabrics love to fluff themselves!)

The move is planned for the Thursday after Labor Day. As we prepare for the movers, we will have a slight delay shipping orders, but we are very organized and should be up and running in the new spot within 48-72 hours from pack up. Since the move will occur at the end of the week and the new spot will be set up over the weekend, we think you will hardly notice that we have been busy with something other than shipping! We should be all set to begin shipping as usual on Monday morning.

Lots of you have offered to help with moving day. Here's what you can do for us. Help yourselves to books, patterns and fabrics at great prices so we have less to pack up. Here's a list of Today's Specials at the QP Cafe:

Fabric Special:
We'd like to take fewer bolts on our move. Yes, we did have the movers here to assess the job ahead, and we were able to show them *all* the fabrics, books, patterns, kits and miscellaneous items that we sell. And yes, we did wave goodbye to them, close the door and no smelling salts or oxygen were needed. However, we know things will go more smoothly (and they will be delighted) if they have to take a bit less on the big truck.
SO, if you finish the bolt, we will give you 25% off. Most of our bolts are in the inventory control system, and when you click on the image of the fabric, you will see a notation that says "Quantity on Hand". If you are willing to take that quantity (or close to it when we actually measure the bolt out), we will take 25% off the cost of that fabric. It does not matter if the fabric is already on sale, if it has 25 yards or 1 yard left. You just have to take the Quantity on Hand.

Book Special:
We have set up a special category of BOGO books. That's BUY ONE/GET ONE FREE! Any book marked BOGO is included in this offereing. If you put 2 BOGO books in your shopping cart, we will charge you for one and the second book of equal or lesser value is FREE. If you shop so that you have even numbers of books, then we will be sending half of your books at no charge.

Pattern Special
We also have a BOGO pattern section. Buy one pattern marked BOGO and get another pattern of equal or lesser value for free. You may mix and match BOGO books and BOGO patterns. Depending upon the prices of your selections, in most instances, when you mix and match, you pay for the books and get the patterns for free.

Because our web site is not programmed to differentiate a BOGO book or pattern from a regularly priced item that is not included in the offering, and because it is not able to tell if you are finishing the bolt or just buying one yard off a 15 yard bolt, our price reductions will not appear on your order confirmation. But when we get our hands on your order, we will take care of all that before we put your charge through and we will send a copy of your revised invoice in the mail with your order. The revised pricing is also what appears on your credit card. No worries!

We hope you enjoy the cafe specials. We will be blogging again after the move for sure, possibly before. Meanwhile, if you have any questions you may post them here or email us.

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend!

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Lisa said...

Hi Pam!
Welcome to the QP Cafe! You must be very proud of Ingrid as she takes off on this new career path! I think she is going to do a great job as the new owner of Quilter's Paradise!