Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Directions to our Grand Opening!

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Here's a really easy way to get quick, accurate directions to our grand opening! Just click on the word "Directions" on the map above, enter your starting address in the "A" box, and click "Get Directions". Then Print them out, hop in the car, and you're on your way to the Grand Opening of our Warehouse in Bridgehampton, NY! We'll be open this Saturday, July 31st from 10am to 5pm, and we can't wait to meet you!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our New Shop!

We haven't updated this blog since, April! Oh my!! Quite a lot has happened since April, and I'm going to try really hard to fill you in on EVERYTHING!

First off, we moved! Our warehouse is now located in beautiful Bridgehampton, NY. Our move was quite an undertaking, but in the end well worth it. It's just gorgeous here, and it's wonderful to be close to family and friends.

Here are some pics of what the shop looks like today: to the left is the view from our deck and our front door. Below is our new cutting table, which is 20 Feet 3 Inches Long! It's simply splendid!

We are thrilled with how much we can have going on at one time using this table... on a normal work day we have it covered with fabric, as you can see Autumn working to fold fats for our next Sizzlin' Summer Sale of the Day:

Here's a few pics of our rows and rows of bolts:

And now for a few of how it all came to be.....

We spent our Memorial Day Weekend packing up our Buchanan Warehouse and then unpacking into our new Bridgehampton Space. Here's a few shots of the move in progress......

Here is a pic of the Shop Empty, and a pic of me waiting on our loading dock for the big truck to arrive....

Here's our 18 wheeler full of fabric working on parking on our dock.... and later on me considering where things should go... Then the part that I am most thankful for, my family arrived in droves to help us unpack!!!

My Dad, Grandma and Marilyn putting shelves together left....

and my cousin Maria shuffling bolts from pallets to shelves right....

And then there's my nephew Jack, we left off in April talking about the brain surgery Jack was about to undergo. I'm thrilled to write and let you know his operation was a HUGE success! Jack is now talking, saying; momma, dadda, poppa, cupcake, go, and many more words, he is much more engaged, and his head is already 2 centimeters smaller. We think all in all he is happier for it too. Here he is climbing in and out of our then empty shelves, and running with a can of playdoh.....

Life for us in Bridgehampton so far has been wonderful. I was raised in Sag Harbor, NY just ten minutes from the shop, and for me this has very much been a homecoming. My family dates back 13 generations on one side, they were some of the early settlers of Bridgehampton, and most of my living relatives live here today.

One of the biggest perks of our new shop is that we can allow you, our fabulous customers to visit us here! Due to limited parking, we have agreed with our landlord to open on Saturday's ONLY starting this Saturday, July 31st. We'll be open from 10am - 5pm, and everything you see online you'll be able to touch, feel and purchase in person. If you need directions shoot us an email, and we'll send them right back to you!

Moving forward we'll have the same great selection of high quality quilting fabrics you've come to know us for. And I promise to get on here and blog much more frequently! Hope to meet some of you in person soon!