Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome to the QP Cafe!

Welcome to the Quilter's Paradise Cafe! We call it the QP Cafe, for short, and it is a place where you can stop in and meet up with your quilting friends, share ideas, learn about quilting and just enjoy the time dreaming about quilts.
Bring in your favorite could be a quilt-latte, or maybe a sweet-quilt-tea, or maybe a quilt-tini (our personal favorite!). Bring any sweet treat you like....a jelly roll, a honey bun, a layer cake, anything from the quilt-bakery. All calorie free!

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Rose, Washington State, USA said...

You are so right, we all need a Good Morning
wakeup to get us started sewing! Before we retired, I had an extra large kitchen plus a dining room, but NO extra room for sewing, so the far end was part laundry/work room with my sewing machine & a long chest freezer. I covered it with a sheet of hard vinyl & folded laundry plus used it as my cutting table.

My supplies were in a two drawer chest next to the machine & it worked out great, as I could sew in the spare minutes while dinner was cooking or when I had time.

That's long ago now, but when I made a king size long cabin with one & half stripes using all print scrapes with blue and brown solids set in diagonal lines. That's 110 10" blocks & used up extra sewing threads, therefore the cost was mostly my time.

New methods of quilting are really a time saver! My first quilt was a four patch and my template was a cardboard square. Back then, a jelly roll or honey bun were great snacks & now some have fat quarters!

English muffins and HOT coffee with flavored cream are still my favorite! Happy Quilting.